About Me

It’s not what happens to you in life,
it’s what you do about it that counts

author unknown

Elaine Cooper Your Better Living Coach is fiercely committed to supporting busy entrepreneurs & business professionals by taking the hassle out of making healthier eating & lifestyle  choices for increasing their energy and decreasing stress.

These are intelligent busy people, now noticing changes in their own health and can’t deny any longer the need to look after themselves. They lie awake at night and when the alarm rings, crawl out of bed exhausted.

Used to looking after everything and everyone else, now they are wondering where they are going to get the energy to keep up with their family and work obligations.

They sure don’t want that last minute hassle deciding what’s for dinner but do want good-tasting healthy, budget-wise snacks & meals for themselves & their families. And this, without taking a ton of time to prepare.

Elaine saysEat whole (real) food. It seems simple enough. You’ve heard it all. But how do you make it happen in your own kitchen? I will listen to your needs & guide you to make it all work for you and your family.

“My mission and commitment are to put the “F” back into FUN with FOOD alleviating the stress and worry of whether you or your family are eating healthy “enough”.  With menus, ingredient lists and Fit Fast Fun recipes there is no need to spend hours in the kitchen or at the grocery store.”

Discover how an anti-inflammatory diet improves digestion, concentration & focus, sleep issues & energy with anti-aging and disease prevention in mind!”

If you want to heal, you need to go deeper than drugs.

“No one diet works for everyone! Step by step, a new lifestyle emerges without feeling deprived, guilty or going broke.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be weird!”

Bragging Rights  Proudest achievements? Raising 3 daughters mostly as a single widowed Mompreneur and reviving past the pain of grief to transform her own health with studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. With daughters now grown and families of their own,  Elaine’s path becoming a speaker, author and coach became clear at a crossroads both personally & professionally. Unlike her own memories of ailing grandparents, she is determined that her family have memories of a healthy, active Mom and grandmother. She laughs at being called the “Guru” to go to for support making practical eating and lifestyle changes. She is passionate about sharing her expertise of maximizing nutrition & minimizing time & cost for growing, choosing and preparing real food.

“What lights me up about this work? It’s seeing the results that happen when clients commit to making positive changes for themselves that have a ripple effect to those they love and care for.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is how empowered clients become with the knowledge and the ‘how to’ for creating an easily managed lifestyle & of course, the smiles discovering healthy doesn’t have to be weird.

“Taking that first step may feel like landing on the moon. With my full support every step of the way you gain the knowledge and the tools for empowering yourself and your family.”

 Things about Elaine that might surprise you:

  • Elaine’s roots run deep in self-sufficiency from the ground up. She calls them her ‘Granola Days’ raising a young family on 200+ acres with livestock and market size gardens. She picked, plucked and pickled home-grown produce, sneaking healthy ingredients into traditional recipes.
  • She chaired, organized & created recipes for school cafeteria program
  • Survived driving 8 hours through the 1998 Quebec/Ontario Ice Storm to attend a TV/ Radio training.
  • More Fun Stuff! ie: As one of the founding members and chairperson of a local private Pre-K school, Elaine arrived at one of their events dressed up as their (Kangaroo) Mascot. She performed on stage in community theater & professional video productions. Alongside Santa’s cousin Bob, co-owned a Christmas Boutique and Event Planning/Decorating Service.
  • Now enjoys a sassy seasoned midlife as an urban gardener, growing fresh green stuff on her balcony aeroponically on a vertical Tower Garden.
  • Is a self-proclaimed Farmer’s Market Junkie who organizes and participates in fundraisers for food banks and other community groups.